Sustainability Brilliance means zero carbon footprint at G. Synergy Digital Bookkeeping

Digital Bookkeeping, Sustainability

G. Synergy Digital Bookkeeping is all about lighting the way to financial solutions based on sustainability and growth. One of the ways they embody this idea is their no paper policy. 

G. Synergy is 100% a digital bookkeeping company. Even if your bookkeeping starts as five boxes of paper, G. Synergy will scan all your documents so you can be converted to a digital client. 

Gordana Stojsavljevic the owner of G. Synergy Digital Bookkeeping says, “About 70% of our clients are digital when we onboard them. But, for those that are not, we are happy to educate and introduce them to new ways of recording, reconciling, and reporting that are all digital. This is a commitment that comes from one of our main core values.”


We are committed to maintaining a zero-carbon footprint with the work we are doing here on the planet.  People, profit, and planet are our triple bottom-line concerns.  We can help any small business get on board with the same commitment when they come to us for their bookkeeping or tax accounting services.  We have no hard copies.  No paper. No shredding.  All documents are signed digitally and stored safely with our online security.  

“This is something we feel passionately about!” states Gordana. “For over five years we have been running our business in this manner. It is not new to us, but if it is new to you, we can definitely help.” 

As a small and nimble firm, we get to your work quickly. We are Quick Books Online Certified and Pro Advisor Certified, so we are confident in our professional and expert services.  We work with you and treat your business like it is our business with integrity in everything we say and do.  


If our people, profit, and planet approach is something you want for your small business, please give us a call.  We offer a free half-hour consultation session to answer your questions and get you on your way to a balanced business life!  Call 778-960-7720. Email or come see us at our new offices in North Vancouver.  We are happy to meet you online or in person.