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Gordana Stojsavljevic is an MBA graduate with a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and she is the owner of G. Synergy Digital Bookkeeping. Over the years, Gordana has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge working for various businesses in a financial capacity.

Her role as corporate controller for Intercity Packers (Albion Farms and Fisheries) where she successfully improved efficiencies and reduced costs. As a Director of Finance for Pacific Restaurant Supply, she developed a paperless environment, to gain efficiencies. Prior to this role, Gordana held various positions of increasing responsibilities with several private companies including an established retail business and the Vancouver Board of Trade. In all cases she was able to demonstrate strong leadership and sound financial understanding including consolidation, audit and strategic planning.

Gordana’s CPA education and work experience position her well to provide her clients with continuous improvement to help their business be successful. Please give Gordana a call and find out how she can help with your bookkeeping needs. Her beautiful newly renovated office is located on the beautiful North Shore but it’s digital foundation allows it to serve businesses near or far.


After obtaining a professional accounting designation Gordana wanted to learn more about the business and how to get the knowledge to support business managers and owners who use accounting reporting in their daily business decision making process. Getting an MBA was the answer to her dream. After being discouraged to peruse with MBA due to the high work-load and family responsibilities, Gordana gave up for the first time in her career. A few weeks later Gordana had a dream that she shared with her husband and her boss. The dream was to get in touch with CGA about an MBA program sponsorship. Gordana followed up on her dream. Today, she encourages all business owners to go after their dreams.


Hi, my name is Lee, and I finished a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in mathematics in the Philippines. After I came to Canada, I was looking to take more courses in mathematics. I discovered the Accounting and Payroll program in Vancouver. I enrolled and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I finished, I decided to look for a job that would take advantage of my recent education. G.Synergy was the right place to start. Initially, I was scanning documents, then I moved to data entry, later to specific projects and now I work on complicated projects with the help of my other colleagues. I find it extremely enjoyable to assist our clients with their financial management which ultimately directly benefits their business. In the end, I am thankful that both the team at G.Synergy and our clients value my contributions, and I am recognized for both my loyalty and dedication.


Hi, my name is Vesna. I have an Economics Degree in both finance and accounting. After that I went on from to receive my diploma as an accountant. I started at G.Synergy in 2019 and have enjoyed doing bookkeeping for our clients. For me the best part of this job is that we are always learning and growing both in interpersonal communications and accounting. Each staff member is supportive and is willing to help whenever I need it. This makes for a great working environment which in turn leads to excellent customer service.


Hello, I’m Snezana. I graduated from business school and for a while I worked in a bank doing payment transactions. I have been part of the G.Synergy team working as a bookkeeper for more than 4 years. I truly appreciate this company and the many ways they have support me. I have learned a lot through their in-house seminars, and I truly appreciate the education. I find every year more and more clients report to us that we do amazing work, and that makes me very happy.


Hi, my name is Al. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in demography. Data analytics is something I enjoy doing. Here at G.Synergy, I have been motivated to work with Vesna. She has trained me to be her assistant and I am very grateful for this opportunity. Over the past few years, I have been pleased to find open-mindedness, multiculturalism, and professionalism at all levels of this firm. Best of all, I think we do great work for our clients as we learn and grow as employees.


…To my Mentors and Managers who supported me in my CGA and MBA study as well as in my accounting career and finance lead development

Danielle Langlois

CPA, CA, Comptroller at the Vancouver Board of Trade

Don Chan

CPA, CGA, Director of Finance of Army and Navy Department Stores

John Goodwin

CFO, GFS Canada

Tom Bye

General Manager, ICP

Luke Evanow

Owner of Pacific Restaurant Supply